If you want your tracks to sound brilliant and not be refused, please implicitly consider the following:
– Please do not use a compressor, leveler, limiter, maximizer, normalizer or other mastering tools for the sum
– When mixing, please consider that the stereo sum remains under -3db ideally -6db

We can provide a Pro mastering € 40 – For Digital Download/MP3/WAVE/ /Vinyl /Cd

Listen to pro mastering

This mastering is optimized for producing a vinyl.
A vinyl requires special preconditions concerning the stereo compatibility and the frequency spectrum.

With this mastering complexity, the track can be used for digital distribution (download) without any problem.

Medium mastering € 25 –  For Download/Vinyl

Listen to medium mastering

Easy mastering € 15 – For  MP3/MP4 /WAVE/digital download.

Listen to easy mastering

Basic mastering € 5 – For  MP3/WAVE/digital download

Listen to the basic mastering